Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 019


Hope you've had a productive week! This week I'm introducing a new & improved look to the newsletter, in an effort to make things more consistent and easier to navigate.

SplineWarp hacks for an easier time when warping

Nobody likes having to manually warp images to make them fit where they need to be. Although there are some tricks to the Splinewarp node that make life a little less painful, and I wrote an article to go through my favourites!
Click here to read the article

Automating the $gui Expression

I've recently been thinking about processes I do all the time that could potentially be automated. I found that any time I created a Scanline Render node, I always added the $gui expression to the samples knob.

In the following tutorial, I show how you can customize the Scanline Render node to include $gui by default, and also how you can create a global $gui controller gizmo to automagically change any node with motion blur options in one click!

If you're not sure what the $gui expression is, or what it does, check out my previous article on the topic here.
Click here to read the tutorial

Quick Tip: Be Weary of ImagePlane Gizmos.

The ImagePlane gizmo is my favourite for speedily placing an object on a card in (pseudo) 3D space. Rather than dealing with Nuke's clunky 3D system, you can easily get a handful of atmospheric smoke elements layered up and in your shot! But that convenience of fast setup time comes at a price...

If you've got 2 or 3 elements to throw into your shot, ImagePlane's are perfect! Although if you're working on a mostly-CG shot that needs polishing up with a lot of 2D elements, it's best you stick with the standard 3D Card, Camera & ScanlineRender setup. It's more annoying and time-consuming to set up for sure, but it will prevent your Nuke script from chugging along at snail's pace.

ImagePlane's in vast quantities, especially with motion blur switched on, will take a huge toll on both your GUI's interactivity & your Viewer's processing speed.

Do you have a better way? Reach out and let me know!

The Best of Film & Game Cinematic UI's

I'm a sucker for well-designed GUI motion graphics. I've mentioned GMUNK's work in past issues of this newsletter, but he's just one example. HUDs + GUIs is a website that is packed to the brim with many more examples of outstanding motion design in this very specific niche of our industry.
Click here to check out the website!

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