Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 070


In this weeks' newsletter, I have a wealth of great resources for you to dive into to both improve your skillset, and gain better tools for your toolkit. Enjoy!

Simple Subsurface Scattering.

Mads Hagbarth Damsbo recently released this clever gizmo, which uses Blinkscript to fake a subsurface scattering effect on a piece of input geometry. Check out the demo video to learn more about how the gizmo works, and see it in action!
Click here to download the tool from Nukepedia.

Automatically matching a plate's rack focus.

Compositing CG renders into a plate with a rack focus can sometimes be tricky to get right. However, your defocus has to match perfectly, otherwise the illusion falls apart! Manually creating keyframes and adjusting curve slopes can be a bit cumbersome, so I thought there had to be a better way to approach this. In this tutorial, I will share what I came up with!

Click here to read the tutorial.

Nuke Survival Toolkit.

Tony Lyons has released the Nuke Survival Toolkit -- a curated collection of high-quality, production-proven gizmos that are easy to download and install in one go.

If this isn't already convenient enough, Tony's incredible documentation includes information on all the nodes in the collection, their intended usage, demo videos where applicable, and a link to their original source page (GitHub, Nukepedia or otherwise).

A commendable amount of thought and effort has gone into putting this toolkit together, and I have no doubt that it will continue to evolve and grow as new versions of tools become available. If you have already acquired the Nuke Survival Toolkit, check out the latest release notes to read about any updates you might have missed.
Click here to get the latest release from GitHub.

Nuke Compositing Tutorials.

Josh Parks & friends have launched a new website, The genesis of this website came from frustration at the existence of Nuke tutorials that share incorrect information and sub-optimal techniques with the community.

The goal of this website is to collect tutorials that are only providing accurate information, and I hope their high standards can contribute to raising the skill-level for all Compositors!

Click here to visit the
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