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This week's newsletter highlights some exciting new things coming to Nuke, a gizmo to help you match blacks more accurately, some cool experiments using Point Render, and a fascinating video about the colour Brown.


Foundry Live: Nuke 12.2 release and special announcement.

Nuke 12.2's release is just around the corner. Sign up for the Foundry Live webinar tomorrow, Tuesday July 21st, for exclusive insights, and a special announcement...
The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. PST || 1:00 p.m. EST || 6:00 p.m. BST.

Join Director of Product - Compositing & Finishing, Christy Anzelmo, and Nuke Associate Product Manager, Chris Andrewartha, as they dive into the next release of Nuke and show how Nuke 12.2 will empower creatives across the globe.
Click here to sign up for this Foundry Live webinar.

Match blacks more accurately with ToeReverse.

What is the best way to match the blacks in a render to your plate? Do you use a Grade node's blackpoint or lift knob, or a Toe node? There is no correct answer, as you must always use the best tool for each individual shot.

This year, the best tool for the job has been ToeReverse from Jed Smith -- I have been using it almost exclusively to match blacks since I discovered it! This gizmo allows you to lift the blacks of an image, while being able to manually specify the mid-point of your curve. Better yet, you're able to invert the results of this node like you're used to with the Grade node, which opens the door to more possibilities!

On a similar tangent, Jed has also created two newer gizmos, CompressShoulder and CompressToe, which give you some nice results when needing to compress highlights or shadows with a soft rolloff to match a plate. They're essentially fancy clamps that retain detail!
Click here to download ToeReverse from Jed's Github.

Point Expressions with Point Render.

Attila Gasparetz has put together this great blog post showing examples of how you can utilize expressions to create some really interesting things with Higx's Point Render.
Click here to view the experiments.

Brown; Color is weird.

The way our eyes perceive light is fascinating. We know brown exists as a colour because, well, we've seen it! But brown doesn't exist on the visible light spectrum, therefore we're physically unable to create a single light source that emits pure brown light! So how can you see the above shades of brown being emitted as light from your monitor? You might think "it's a mix of RGB values, duh!", but that mix is technically a non-bright orange on the spectrum. So how come it appears as brown, not dark orange?

This video explores this thought process in greater depth, with a strange dose of sarcasm. It also goes over the etymology of how colours were named which is super interesting.
Click here to watch the video.
P.S. If you enjoy this sort of thing, also check out "The Weird World in RGB" by the same creator.
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