Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 057


I'm incredibly excited to announce that I've teamed up with Foundry to present a live webinar, titled: How to improve your Nuke workflow with Python scripting.

Join me and David Nolan (Performance Product Manager for Nuke) on April 23rd @ 10am (PDT) as we discuss the importance of learning Python and how it can improve your workflow in Nuke, followed by a live Q&A. Additionally, Foundry will be giving five lucky attendees access to my Python for Nuke 101 course for free!

If you wish to attend, please sign up here to reserve your place.

COVID-19 — An Opportunity for the VFX Industry: Part 2.

One of the challenges we face in social isolation is working from home, alone. You're unable to be surrounded and inspired by your colleagues, the frequency of meetings and video chats increase, and you're tempted by the distractions of home life. If you're not careful, this can quickly add up to a decrease in productivity.

We talk about productivity and workflow improvements a lot in Ben's Comp Newsletter, and in Part 2 of "COVID-19 - An Opportunity for the VFX Industry", I touch on a few key points that will help you harness the opportunity that working from home offers to get more done.
Click here to read Part 2.

Interview: Gen Camilleri // VFX Supervisor.

"My name is Gen (Genevieve Camilleri) and I recently finished working on my first feature film as a VFX Supervisor for Mill Film, Adelaide. I started my career 11 years ago in Melbourne, Australia and have since worked as a Senior compositor, Lead Compositor, Compositing Supervisor and DFX Supervisor for various studios such as ILM Vancouver, Animal Logic Sydney and Method Studios Montreal.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my time outdoors doing anything from hiking, climbing to snowboarding."

Click here to read my interview with Gen Camilleri.

Blink Scripting 101.

Integrating BlinkScript into my repertoire of skills has been high on my "to learn" list for quite some time. Although there has been a severe lack of beginner-level resources to read, and existing creations have been too complex to dissect and learn from... until now.

Guillem Ramisa de Soto has created the beginner-level tutorial we've all been waiting for! I followed his tutorial last week and found it to be incredibly well written, and easy to understand. While it hasn't made me an overnight master, it's definitely pushed me in the right direction to help me understand what's going on under the hood of other BlinkScript-based gizmos.
Click here to read Blink Scripting 101.

A Simple Explanation of F-Stop.

Achieving photorealism in visual effects is primarily about replicating how cameras see the real world. Many Compositors have a casual interest in photography, but few have a thorough technical understanding of how camera optics work, and how we can harness this knowledge to improve the quality of the visual effects we create.

This video provides an easily digestible explanation of what f-stops actually are, the relationship between a lens' focal length and aperture, and the math behind how the f-stop scale works.
Click here to watch A Simple Explanation of F-Stop.
P.S. if you learn something new in this video, I would also recommend watching A Simple Guide to Depth of Field, by the same creator.
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