Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 055


This week's newsletter shines a spotlight on one of our community's most influential creators, Ivan Busquets. Most Compositors frequently make use of Ivan's StickyProject and P_Matte nodes, but this newsletter issue aims to highlight the man himself, and some of his lesser-known (but still incredibly useful) Nuke tools. 

Ivan Busquets // Associate VFX Supervisor, ILM Vancouver.

"I started my VFX career 17 years ago, and since then I’ve worked for different studios in Barcelona, London, San Francisco and Vancouver. Currently, I work at ILM Vancouver as an Associate VFX Supervisor. 

Outside of work, I enjoy photography in general, and astrophotography in particular, although I don’t get to practice those hobbies as much as I used to."

Click here to read my interview with Ivan Busquets.


As it stands, Nuke doesn't provide artists with many options for procedural noise generation out of the box. After Effects has plenty more options, and FX artists lean on highly-customizable procedural noise creation tools to create all sorts of interesting effects in Houdini. So, what happens when we need that extra flexibility in Nuke?

Using Blinkscript and some ingenuity, Ivan has gifted us with the ability to create Voronoi noise patterns within Nuke. I've used this tool many times to do things such as break up textures on CG objects, and re-animate static grain plates. It's a super useful tool to add to your toolset.

Click here to download Ivan's Voronoi noise generator from Nukepedia.


This is one of those tools you don't know you need until you need it. Every Compositor knows about the default Nuke feature which allows you to snap geometry to the average position & orientation of a selection of vertices in 3D space. But what if you have an animated object, and need to track additional geo to it?

AnimatedSnap3D perfectly fills this gap in Nuke, and has saved me many times in the past.

Click here to download AnimatedSnap3D from Nukepedia.


A large part of keeping your Nuke scripts neat and tidy should involve adding Backdrops to group a collection of nodes that work together to achieve a specific thing. Generally speaking, the larger a Nuke script is, the more layers of Backdrops you'll have.

Sometimes, Nuke gets confused about which Backdrop should appear on top of another, and fixing this involves dragging one Backdrop out of the way in order to select & open the hidden Backdrop's properties, so you can manually change the Z-Order, then re-positioning everything back into the correct place. It can become quite tedious to manage in a bigger Nuke script...

Ivan's Backdrop_Tools successfully manages to fix this annoyance with an easy CTRL+SHIFT+A shortcut! Additionally, he provides other shortcuts to quickly and easily cycle through hues and adjust saturation & luminance of selected Backdrop nodes.

Click here to download Backdrop_Tools from Nukepedia.

Movie Barcodes.

I was first introduced to the idea of "Movie Barcodes" on this blog. I love the idea, but never invested the time to create any myself.

Jack Hughes recently wrote a blog post on how we can easily create these images in Nuke, which you can read here. If you create any Movie Barcodes, please send them my way, as I'd love to check them out!

Click here to download the script for creating Movie Barcodes in Nuke.

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