Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 051


Welcome back to a fresh year of Ben's Comp Newsletter. I hope you had a long and relaxing break over the holidays, and are ready to take on a new year of challenges and personal growth.

To start off 2020, if you haven't already, I encourage you to sit with your own thoughts for a moment and take stock of where you're at, and what processes or habits you might be able to put in place to get closer to where you want to be. It doesn't have to be anything huge, but I believe if you're not moving forward in some way (even if it's just 1% per day), you're moving backwards.

If you're not sure where to start, I've uploaded the first two lessons of my Python for Nuke 101 course onto YouTube for free! You won't get the full course material or any of the downloadable content to assist you, but I'm hoping these two lessons might inspire you to learn something new.



Over the break, a bunch of folks reached out to share some really cool things they've been working on. Falk Hofmann was one of them, and he has just released a new Python utility that creates some handy shortcuts that help speed up your workflow.

nuke_smart_nodes includes three python scripts:
  1. Smart Pasting, allows you to easily create an already-expression-linked node from a different type of node.
  2. Paste on Selected nodes (as opposed to pasting on one node at a time).
  3. and my favourite, Context-based node creation.
You may remember my tool bm_SmartMerge from Issue 047, which aims to automatically create the right type of "merge" to combine different nodes of different data types. Falk's tool aims to solve a similar problem, although he has taken this idea to the next level with more node categories, and even includes options for simple user-customizability via a .yaml file.

Click here to watch a demo video of all this in action!

nuke_smart_nodes has very quickly become an every-day time saver for me!

Click here to download nuke_smart_nodes from Nukepedia.

Nuke Vector Matrix Toolset.

Erwan Leroy was also busy over the break, releasing a bunch of Vector & Matrix utilities in conjunction with Mathieu Goulet-Aubin (who had previously released this) on his blog...

This toolset makes it easier to manipulate matrices and work with vector-based math in Nuke. In short, it could help you do things like convert Transforms from one type of data to another, as shown in Erwan's demo video. Although for the more technically-minded folks, you may read plenty more about potential applications via the resources provided on the project's GitHub repo.

Click here to download the Toolset from GitHub.


This tool, created by Tor Andreassen, is something I can't believe didn't exist before now. If you often pre-comp parts of your heavy Nuke scripts, you'll likely know the tedium of zooming around your script, switching different things to the pre-comp, and then back again to continue working on each part.

Tor has created a simple but effective system for dealing with this, which comes in the form of a global panel (gizmo) that lets you easily manage each pre-comps' state, and offers buttons that quickly zoom around your nuke script to see each specific pre-comp with ease.

Click here to watch the demo video of the tool in action!

Click here to download fxT_precompController from Nukepedia.

Datamoshing in plain English.

Glitch art comes in many forms, and there's a strange beauty inherent in all its imperfection.

After a deep dive through the tunnels of the internet, I found myself consumed by tutorials on how people have achieved different types of effects. The above gif is an example of "data moshing" -- I thought I'd share one of the great tutorials I found on how to achieve the effect with relative ease!

Click here to read the tutorial, "How to Datamosh, in Plain English".

Did you find this newsletter informative?

Have you created, or do you know of any outstanding Gizmos, Python Scripts or Tutorials that you would like to share with the global Compositing community? Please reply to this email, and I will do my best to include it in a future issue of this newsletter.
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