Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 048


This week, I have a bunch of handy gizmos & tutorials for you. I hope they speed up your workflow, or make your life easier in some way...


Object Tracking using the CameraTracker node.

If you need a 3D object track for your shot, but your studio doesn't have the amazing GeoTracker plugin from KeenTools, you're not out of luck! By using the CameraTracker node in NukeX, and a sprinkle of ingenuity, you can still get a decent track, as shown in this tutorial.

Thanks to David Lopez for the tip!
Click here to watch the Object Tracking tutorial.

Programmatically working with Keyframes via Python.

As time goes on and my skills iteratively develop, I like to look back on past tools I've created to see if I can improve them, or re-write them to be more efficient.

A few tools I have created in the past have involved adding keyframes via Python, which can quickly become confusing and convoluted. When trying to improve these tools, I came across a handy article written by Nathan Rusch, which provides some great information about how to work with curves programmatically, and takes some of the headaches out of setting keyframes with specific interpolation.

Click here to read the article.


After last week's compilation of handy Particle setups, Adam Kelway shared a gizmo with me which improves one of the shortcomings of Cloudtastic -- a speedy, single-frame cloud generation toolset.

Last week I mentioned, "The only downside to this method is you can't have the clouds organically fade off when they pass through the camera", as the particles are only calculated on one frame. Although by utilizing Deeps from a ScanlineRender node, combined with the DeepCropSoft gizmo, this is a problem of the past!

Click here to download DeepCropSoft from Nukepedia.

EmberGen - Create Real-time Fire Sims.

This amazing program allows the user to create high-end video-game-quality fire & smoke simulations in real-time! It also offers functionality to export some basic AOVs, so we can enhance the rendered simulations in Nuke.

For anything in the mid-ground of a shot and further back, a tool like this could rapidly speed up how we work in the near future. Click here to watch a demo video of how it works.

Even better news, as EmberGen is still in an early alpha stage of development, you can download it for free today!

Click here to download the EmberGen Alpha.

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