Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 046


This week's newsletter contains a bunch of technical knowledge. Enjoy!


Expression Node Collection.

Nuke's Expression node can be super useful when you know how to harness it's power, although it often gets overlooked by many Compositors. Thankfully, Andrea Geremia has put together a collection of tools and examples of what can be done using the Expression Node (including some inspired by yours truly!).

While the Nukepedia page has a bunch of examples, you should check out the full tutorial on Andrea's website for a more in-depth look behind how these many expressions are working.

Click here to download the Expression Node Collection from Nukepedia.

Back to Basics: Common errors when creating a gizmo.

Creating gizmos, no matter how simple, and even if just for your own use, is a good way to speed up the way you work. Saving one or two clicks on many tasks, on many shots adds up over the course of a day! Although, there are some things to keep in mind when doing so.

I wrote a quick tutorial over on my blog to run you through these things!

Click here to read the tutorial on how to create Bulletproof gizmos.

Particle Lighting in Nuke.

Let's face it, particles in Nuke kind of suck. You can do a lot with them, although it takes way too much time than we have in production to create anything great. That's why I appreciate presets like Jiacheng Xu's Nuke Particle Lightning setup!

Check out the demo video here.
Click here to download the Particle Lightning setup from Nukepedia.

CG Cinematography Book.

Every discipline of visual effects artist should have an understanding of how light works in the real world. Especially in Compositing, having both a scientific & creative understanding of how light interacts with everything in reality will aid you in creating shots that are more photorealistic.

Just four weeks ago, Christophe Brejon de Lavergnée released an amazing resource on CG Cinematography -- an extensive book, which you can read online for free, which provides an in-depth look at the theory and principles Christophe has learned spanning his 8-year career as (primarily) a lighter working in film & animation.

I encourage you to sit down and read one chapter every day, and open your mind to Christophe's teachings!

Click here to read the book.

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