Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 041


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PBR Relighting in Nuke

Erwan Leroy is a busy guy! I scrolled past some of his experiments on LinkedIn, testing PBR (physically based rendering) relighting in Nuke, and quickly expressed my interest. It seems this has been an ongoing project for Erwan over the past few years, and he's finally getting the results he's been searching for!

He wrote an easily-digestible article about his findings, including a link to the tool for you to play with on your own. Erwan also shared a fascinating article on the theory behind PBR, which I found quite interesting.
Click here to read Erwan's blog post.

HTML for Nuke

HTML is a trusty, easy-to-grasp programming language. Although it's mostly used for web programming, you can do some neat things in Nuke to help style nodes, gizmos, show icons in the node graph, etc.

I put together a quick tutorial to walk you through some of the more common uses.

Click here to read the tutorial.


Speaking of using HTML in Nuke, Damian Binder's HeatWave gizmo utilizes it excellently!

I rediscovered the latest & greatest version of this gizmo recently, and have found it incredibly useful for simulating realistic heat haze for CG fire. This gizmo reveals enough knobs to give you control over plenty of aspects (distortion & blur amount, wind speed, turbulence, etc.) while remaining user-friendly, and getting you a decent result incredibly quickly.
Click here to download HeatWave from Nukepedia.

Galactic Innovations: Star Wars & Rogue One.

It's not often that some of the pioneers from the beginning of modern visual effects get together to publicly talk about the good old days. This talk, hosted by The Academy in June 2019, is one of those rare occasions. It's one you do not want to miss!

I was fortunate enough to hear about this event 24 hours in advance and was able to catch the livestream. Although, The Academy only left the recording online for a measly 48 hours afterwards, causing a bunch of interested folks to miss out... If you were one of the unlucky ones, I have some great news -- thankfully someone got their hands on a copy and re-uploaded it for your viewing pleasure!

Click here to watch the Galactic Innovations talk.

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