Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 040


This week's newsletter shines a light on one of our community's most active tool creators. I hope you enjoy!


Adrian Pueyo // Senior Compositor

This week, I'm excited to share an interview with Adrian Pueyo, a Senior Compositor who is currently working at Trixter. I've shared so many of Adrian's incredibly useful tools in this newsletter in the past, and he was gracious enough to take the time to share some of his wisdom with us in an interview.

Here is Adrian's Bio:

"I am a digital compositor from Madrid, Spain, who has been living in different countries and working in different studios in the recent years, and who is really passionate about the technology of VFX and the technical part of image manipulation and learning something new every day. I’m fascinated by the world of compositing and although I’m an artist I keep getting attracted to programming. I am currently working as a freelance senior compositor in Trixter (Munich)."

Click here to read my interview with Adrian Pueyo.


Adrian's latest tool, apChroma, is hands-down the most useful gizmo for handling Chromatic Aberration. Most gizmos just do the basics or have issues dealing with the alpha channel, although this one gives you both tons of control and a technically-correct result!

Click here to watch the demo video.
Click here to download apChroma from Nukepedia.


When my regular tricks don't work with standard despill algorithms, or Keylight's despill produces unwanted results, apDespill is the gizmo that often bails me out of a tricky situation. It runs via Blinkscript and can despill any colour (not just green or bluescreens) in a predictable way, and includes a nifty feature to protect specific tones from said despill.

If you're still clinging to DespillMadness for dear life, I'd highly recommend you check out Adrian's gizmo.

Click here to watch the demo video.
Click here to download apDespill from Nukepedia.

KnobScripter 2.0

For all the Python folks out there, KnobScripter is an amazing tool that significantly improves your coding experience in Nuke! You can directly add code to anything from .py files to specific knobs on a node, and can do so far more easily than in Nuke's default Script Editor.

Knobscripter v1.0 was featured in a previous issue of Ben's Comp Newsletter, and v2.0 has now been available since May 2019. It features some nice improvements, and is a tool I personally use all the time!

Click here to watch the demo video, or read the user guide here.

Click here to download KnobScripter from Nukepedia.

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