Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 034


After months of tireless work behind the scenes, my Python for Nuke 101 course kicked off this morning for people who pre-ordered it, and also for existing Patreon supporters. If you missed out, it's not too late to sign up! 

This issue of Ben's Comp Newsletter shines a light on Falk Hofmann, and some of the incredibly inventive tools he's coming up with!

FALK HOFMANN // Compositing Supervisor

"I am Falk Hofmann and a compositor for roughly a decade. Since a couple of years also TD and recently I joined RISE FX | Berlin as Compositing Supervisor. Besides that, I like to play around with my Raspberry Pies, occasionally writing Android apps and be outside in the garden. A personal aim is to bring these three together and enjoy them all at once."
Click here to read my interview with Falk Hofmann.

Node Linker

If you've been reading Ben's Comp Newsletter for a while, you may have seen my node instancer tool from Issue 026.

I recently discovered that Falk had already taken this concept and done so much more with it! "Instancing", or linking copies of nodes is a great idea, as you're only reading in & processing that same data once. Subsequently, you also save time when updating renders to a newer version, as you only have to update one Read node vs. many scattered throughout your Nuke script!

Check out the demo video to see more.
Click here to download Node Linker from Falk's Git Repo.

Align Motion

As demonstrated in the GIF above, this tool is an incredibly creative and intuitive way to align nodes in Nuke's node graph. Check out the demo video to see this tool in action.
Click here to download Align Motion from Falk's Git Repo.

Camera Shaker

Another cool idea from Falk: a focal-length-aware camera shake tool, which utilizes animation curves based on tracking real-world plates. I really appreciate the real-time preview in the GUI, as you are able to quickly get an idea of the characteristics of each camera shake, and can assess if it will work for your shot or not.

Check out the demo video here.
Click here to download Camera Shaker from Falk's Git Repo.

High Dynamic Range: Preparing for Cinematic Change

As Falk demonstrates, there are some incredibly savvy people in the entertainment industry who are pushing the boundaries of what we're creating, and how we're creating it.

I've been wanting to share this talk by Michael Cioni and Aaron Kroger for a while. They outline how the industry is changing & adapting to new HDR standards in both new technologies and improved workflows, and provide easily digestible technical information to demonstrate how we work now, and how we'll be working when HDR workflows become the norm.

It's a brief, but great look into one of the many directions our industry will inevitably travel in the near future.
Click here to watch the talk: HDR, Preparing for Cinematic Change.

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