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Back To Basics: A Brief Lesson on Image Filtering & Node Concatenation

It's easy to take the fundamentals as a given, although every Compositor comes from a different background, has learned different things, etc.

I've found myself explaining the concept of Image Filtering & Node Concatenation to a few junior Compositors in the recent months, so I thought it'd be worth sharing the lesson via this newsletter as well, with the help of our good friend Marcie.
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Written by Alexey Kuchinsky, Dots is a cool little Python script that straightens your wonky node inputs by turning them into perfect 90-degree angles, by automatically adding Dots where they're needed.
Click here to download Dots from Nukepedia.


Max van Leeuwen frequently comes to my rescue with this tool. I'm constantly forgetting the math needed to perfectly fit a 3D Card into a Camera's frustum. Thankfully, Max's Python script does this for me now!

When it's run, you are prompted with a dialog box asking whether the card should be parented to the camera, or whether it should just be created on a single frame. I've found it useful for tasks such as creating cloud fly-throughs, and also creating quick geometry to project an image onto.
Click here to download CardInFrustum from Nukepedia.

Real-time Camera Tracking via Machine Learning.

Arraiy is a company working on some fascinating technology. To quote directly from their website, "Arraiy’s DeepStudio utilizes Machine Learning and Computer Vision to automate processes which allow creators, from major broadcasters to VFX Houses, to integrate [CG objects into] real and virtual worlds.​

Imagine having perfect camera tracking technology being fed into the metadata of a plate, in real-time?! There are so many time-saving opportunities with this thought alone. But they're also working on solutions for real-time Matting (via Greenscreen Studio) & Z-Depth generation for the end of this year.

I can't wait to see this technology find it's way into our production pipelines in the coming years!
Click here to check out Arraiy's website.

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