Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 032


I hope you've had a productive start to the month! April 1st certainly wasn't for me, with Google's fun new "features"...

I also wanted to extend a sincere thank you to the many readers who have already signed up for my Python for Nuke 101 Course. I've enjoyed an overwhelming amount of pre-orders thus far, and can't wait to release it to the world!

MILES LAURIDSEN // Compositing Supervisor

Originally from Clatskanie, Oregon, Miles Lauridsen is a VFX artist now living in Vancouver, BC. Currently a Compositing Supervisor at Scanline VFX, he's worked in various roles including dustbuster, matchmover, 3d generalist, title animator, and compositor within feature film over the last 13 years. He enjoys the problem solving process that VFX entails in the service of helping filmmakers tell their stories.
Click here to read my interview with Miles Lauridsen.


DeepC is a suite of new Deep nodes for Nuke. It introduces some extra flexibility into your Compositing workflow by providing some more controllable grading & matte-creation options in Deep.

I constantly meet artists who have previously worked at Weta and say things like, "Weta's Deep Comp pipeline is crazy good". It makes sense, considering they developed the technology! Although in my own experience at other studios, working with Deeps is cumbersome and doesn't quite have enough pay-off in terms of speed vs. flexibility on a show-wide perspective. It seems a lot of studios are adopting Deep Compositing without an adequate R&D budget to back up the decision, because it's one of the trendy things in our industry at the moment.

For the readers at Weta: I'd love to interview you about your daily Deep Comp experiences, to help enlighten us all about how it should be.

But until then, DeepC brings some much-needed functionality to the rest of us.
Click here to read more about DeepC, and download it!

Cycle Operations

Something I love is simple Python Scripts that add hotkeys for extra functionality in Nuke (it's the basis of my new Python Course)

Max van Leeuwen created this cool shortcut that allows you to cycle through the Merge node's operations list! I wish I had come across this one sooner, as I recently wrote a similar tool at the office to do the same thing with AOVs -- the potential for extending this is limitless!
Click here to download CycleOperations from Nukepedia.

The New Artificial Intelligence Frontier of VFX

I've been checking out the VFX Voice website a whole lot over the past couple months.

Given my fascination with how Machine Learning can be applied to creative fields such as ours, this particular article by Ian Failes piqued my interest. He explores how different studios are currently utilizing said technologies, and how they anticipate our industry will evolve in the future because of them. It's quite an insightful read!

Anything that removes tedium from my day and frees up more time to iterate on the fun & creative aspects of the job excites me!
Click here to read the article on VFX Voice.

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