Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 028


In the last issue of Ben's Comp Newsletter, I mentioned that there has been an influx of great tools for Nuke being released on the internet! In this issue, I wanted to shine a spotlight on a Compositor who recently released a bunch of his neat tools online.

Welcome, Mark Joey "MJ" Tang.

MJ TANG // Senior Compositor

Mark Joey Tang, known as "MJ", started working in visual effects in Hong Kong, circa 2003. Throughout his career, he has worked with a handful of different studios from RodeoFX to Atomic Fiction (now Method Studios), and is currently a Senior Compositor at ScanlineVFX in Montreal.

I reached out to MJ after discovering his unique tools on Facebook (which you can find below), and asked about his career in VFX, including how he got into programming & creating tools for Nuke.

Click here to read my interview with MJ Tang.


MJ mentions the "initial intention of 'Origami' is a just for fun tool", but it's turned into something more than that!

As shown in the demo video, Origami enables you to warp geometry from its original shape to that of another animated piece of geo. You can even warp the original geometry to stick to multiple pieces of input geo.

This is a super cool tool with unthinkable amounts of real-world production applications!
Click here to download Origami from Nukepedia.

UV Editor

There are plenty of ways to place an image onto your geometry in Nuke, but most rely on 2D-based projection methods. A feature Nuke has been lacking for quite some time is being able to quickly & easily texture geometry based off UVs, and create your own UV's for janky lidar geometry, so you're able to work with it predictably.

I feel we'll both be getting a lot of use out of this one!
Click here to read more about, and download UV Editor on Nukepedia.

Scene Depth Calculator

This is a super handy utility, which will help you calculate the distance per-frame between an animated axis / geometry, and a camera. Automating the animation of rack focuses on your CG renders has never been so easy!

Check out the demo video here.
Click here to download Scene Depth Calculator from Nukepedia.

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