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W_Hotbox by Wouter Gilsing is a fairly well-known tool for Nuke. For the uninitiated, it's a tool that mimics Maya's hotbox, where you can store all your favourite custom shortcuts, which are context-based depending on what you're doing in Nuke at any given time. The only drawback is it requires some basic Python knowledge to get going -- although there has never been a better time to learn!

Although each W_Hotbox setup should be personalized to the way you like to work, Lars Wemmje has graciously shared his hotbox setup on Nukepedia, which will get you started with very little programming. Lars has also created a brief tutorial on how to customize W_Hotbox to your liking, which you can watch here.
Click here to download W_Hotbox on Nukepedia.

Getting The Most Out Of Nuke: Developing As An Artist

One for the less-experienced Compositors, this talk from Chris Wetherly is an easily-digestible dive into the soft skills that more-experienced Compositors tend to possess. If you're looking to develop as an artist, this talk is for you!

Chris covers some important points such as how to improve your problem-solving skills, identifying and avoiding inefficiencies and the importance of working collaboratively with your team.
Click here to watch Chris Wetherly's talk.

Quick Tip: Seek good people over great projects

Cheesy stock photo aside, it goes without saying that who you work with makes a big difference. I would argue that it matters more than the project you're working on.

In my career I have worked with a wide variety of studios, ranging from small startups with comp-only shows, all the way up to global multi-facility studios that work on the biggest and best tentpole films every year. I used to be the type of person who would actively chase contracts on the big Marvel movie of the year, and would repeatedly ask to be placed on the team with the biggest & best project the studio had available. This was great for building a solid reel, although at the end of the day, it honestly wasn't worth the added stress or the extra hours.

Towards the end of 2016, I had a revelation; I made a conscious decision to seek out people I enjoyed working with in the past, and to do my best to continue working with those people. As it turns out, this was the single-most impactful career decision I've made!

The benefits of working with people you're familiar with, and who you're confident trust your work & your word are immeasurable. More work gets completed, necessary overtime hours are restricted, communication mishaps are easily diagnosed; shows generally just run smoothly and everyone is happier to be there.

I highly recommend you try this experiment for yourself and notice how your quality of life improves, both at work and at home!

Andreas Wannerstedt's 'Oddly Satisfying' Animations

Get ready to say goodbye to the next hour of your life! These simple looped animations from Andreas Wannerstedt are perfectly crafted, mesmerizing masterpieces; a perfect example of how even simplicity can be complex in its own right!
Check out Andreas' work here!

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