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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

Change your lens on communication.

Hilarious image aside, I believe that an adequate artist with good communication skills is far more valuable than a brilliant artist without any. One of the reasons I started this newsletter was to help improve my own communication skills, and I want to elaborate on why you should aim to do the same...
Click here to learn how to become a more effective communicator

Four tips to improve Neat Video's denoise results.

Neat Video is the mysterious, magical wizard of the Compositing world. I have no idea which algorithms it uses to produce the results it does, but they're nothing short of amazing right out of the box.

But, what if I told you these amazing results could be even... amazinger?
Click here to learn how to improve your denoise results

Get a 2D track from any 3D Point Cloud or Geometry.

Serial gizmo creator Pranjal Choudhary is at it again, with yet another handy tool: PointCloudTrack!

After connecting a Plate, Camera & Point Cloud (or 3D geometry) to the gizmo, you can sample an area of your plate & hit go, then PointCloudTrack will output a 2D point in a Tracker node that's locked to the area you selected! It's a far more streamlined way to accomplish this task vs. a manual Reconcile3D setup.

Click here to see a quick video of the tool in action.
Click here to download PointCloudTrack from Nukepedia

Siggraph 2018 Papers: First Pages.

If you're like me and couldn't make it to Siggraph this year, you might have missed some of the fascinating new things people have come up with. I recently stumbled upon a PDF document that contains the first page only of every single white paper from this year's conference! At 128 pages long, it's not a relaxing bedtime read, although definitely worth scrolling through when you're waiting on renders...

If the thought of technical white papers is scary, here's a video showcasing a handful of the groundbreaking algorithms and creations people have come up with!
Click here to check out all the 2018 Siggraph Papers' first pages!

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