Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 018


This weeks' newsletter is by far the biggest one yet! I've been pondering this idea for months, and I'm excited to finally share it with you!



Ben's Comp Newsletter was created to encourage open communication and knowledge-sharing between the global Compositing community. My goal has always been to provide valuable tools & knowledge both inside and outside of Nuke, to help you enhance your skills as a Compositor, and have a meaningful impact on progressing your career.

Ultimately I want to help you achieve your best, and because of this, I'm extending this newsletter project to Patreon, to provide even more service to you, and by extension, the community as a whole.

You're probably wondering how supporting Ben's Comp Newsletter can help you more than it already does? I'll give you three reasons:


1) I'm starting a Mentorship Program! We're living in a time where there is so much noise on the internet. There are many tutorials (both paid and free) and resources available online, and I hope this newsletter has combated this noise and shown you only the most relevant tools & techniques.

Although sometimes, you don't want to scrape the internet to try and find an answer; you just need someone to help you find a personalized answer for a specific problem. It's even harder to find answers when the question is more career-focused!

I hope to solve this problem with the mentorship program! Whether you're a student who is wanting to supplement their education, or you already have a few years of Compositing experience under your belt, this program aims to slingshot your career to new heights!

With almost 9 years of industry-proven experience working with top VFX studios, I'll share the knowledge I've accrued that I wish I knew earlier, on how I complete my work faster and to a higher quality. You'll find out how to communicate effectively with recruiters and land contracts more easily, and how you can justify asking for a higher salary. Most importantly, you will get mentorship tailored to where you're at in your career, and where you want to be -- there are no silly questions, just an opportunity to learn more than your peers and reach new heights!

  To ensure the quality of this program, there is a limit of 10 positions, so act fast if you're interested! 

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2) As this newsletter is community-driven with content from people like you, I want to start including a semi-regular segment that highlights and promotes the incredible artists that are a part of this community.

This spotlight is a perfect opportunity to promote your work, and share your wisdom with the community!

I'm interested in being featured!

3) If the first two options aren't for you, I have some good news. You are still able to support this project and the community by pledging a small amount on Patreon.

The newsletter is put together by one person, and will always be free to receive. Although as the community grows, so does the ambition and the cost associated with it. If you enjoy reading the newsletter every other week and find it genuinely useful, the best thing you can do is share it with a friend or colleague so they can learn too! 

Although if you happen to be feeling extra generous, please consider pledging a small amount to help keep this newsletter running.

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That's not all...

One of the reasons I run the newsletter is simply to help people; to remove their blockers so they can be the best they can be. To keep in line with this goal, 50% of the money you contribute will be donated to a charity that helps give people the support or resources they need to live a fulfilling life.

This month's charity is Charity
:Water. They provide clean drinking water to communities in need in developing countries. I encourage you to read more about how they're improving people's lives here.

Thank you for your support!


Now, onto our regularly scheduled newsletter!

The following four items are some of the best I've come across in recent history, and I'm excited to share them with you!

Don't want to open up your to add new hotkeys? This tool is for you!

I stumbled across this video earlier in the year and was blown away by how intuitive the UI was. Although given the video was many years old, the code no longer behaved correctly in Nuke. I got in touch with this tool's creator, Taehyung Lee, who has very generously spent some time re-coding the tool from scratch for us!

Click here to download the tool!

I've found myself using nuke.addOnCreate() quite a lot recently. Since I've found plenty of uses for it myself, I thought it would be pertinent to share a short tutorial on what it is, and how to use it to your advantage!

Click here to read the tutorial!

Newly released online from Cragl VFX Tools is a neat little utility that lets you store code snippets for later use right inside of Nuke! It's a perfect example of how something simple can make a big impact!

Click here to download the tool from Nukepedia or Click here to read more about it!

Cragl VFX Tools has some really neat tools on their website, most of them for a small price. Even if you don't want to pay for extra Nuke tools, it's worth checking out their videos for inspiration on what kinds of tools can be created in Nuke!

I love listening to podcasts & hearing stories of what people do with their time on Earth. The latest episode of Joe Rogan Experience features none other than Elon Musk.

Elon is a character who is hugely inspiring to me, and it's not often he appears in casual-conversation-type interviews (as opposed to many keynote presentations, or formal interviews about one of his many products). It's well worth your time to sit and listen to the full 2.5 hours and get a true insight as to how such an amazing mind thinks and operates.

Click here to watch the podcast episode.

If this is something you enjoy, I would also recommend you pick up and read Elon Musk's Biography -- it sheds some light on Elon's successes and failures and is a fascinating insight on how he became the man the public knows him to be today.


If you've created a gizmo or python script to solve a common problem or speed up your workflow, please reply to this email and let me know about it's existence! I'd love to help spread the word, to help us all be better compositors together!

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