Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 010


Hope you're having a productive week. Here's your bi-weekly dose of Nuke knowledge!


Despilling is arguably the most important step to get right when pulling a key. You’re already aware that keyers like Keylight, Primatte, IBK, etc. despill your image, but what happens if their results are coming up short?

It’s absolutely worth your time to dig into some basic maths & understand how despill algorithms work, and how you can implement them into your workflow using the Expression node. I wrote an article about 5 different despill algorithms, and how to work with them inside of Nuke.

Click here to read it!

For those who don't check Nukepedia often, here's a brilliant new addition from Kaloyan Ganev that I'm quite excited about! LayerShuffler breaks out & automatically re-assembles AOVs from a multi-channel EXR. Whilst the concept of this isn't new, some of the features he's added are. These include:
  • Choosing which render engine the AOVs are from (which significantly helps the re-build process, rather than the tool having to guess & making mistakes. VRay & Arnold are the only two render engines currently supported)
  • Setting your preferred node spacing between AOVs
  • Choosing the colour of the backdrop nodes, which is incredibly handy to have automated when you're working with many renders in one shot
You can watch a demo video on Vimeo, or download the tool from Nukepedia.

Damian Binder has created a great tool that helps seamlessly loop your elements! I recently used it to prolong the duration of the perfect atmospheric dust element that was just too short for the shot I wanted to use it for. Check it out on Nukepedia.

I'm constantly finding inspiration in Ash Thorp's work. His latest project, Awaken Akira, is a live-action tribute to the animated film from 1988.

You can watch the short film on Vimeo, or check out the website for breakdowns & extra details.


If you've created a gizmo or python script to solve a common problem or speed up your workflow, please reply to this email and let me know about it's existence! I'd love to help spread the word, to help us all be better compositors together!

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