Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 005


I would like to extend my congratulations to the teams of vfx artists who were nominated for an Academy Award this year. Incredible work all around, but especially to those of you who worked on Blade Runner 2049. Top job!

Whilst creating this newsletter, I have inevitably stumbled upon some pretty groundbreaking work. Something that's caught my attention recently is how artists are utilizing BlinkScript to create some super interesting and unique things! This issue is dedicated to those people, and the new tools that they're creating.

Creates some interesting patterns, which sticks to footage.

Read about it here
Download on Nukepedia

Also by Hagbarth, check out:
Weave & Weave-related R&D Ramblings
Reaction Diffusion in Nuke

Awe-inspiring stuff!!
I discovered this type of glitch art on Reddit. Whilst there's probably not much practical use for this in your day-to-day work, I just find it fun to play around with.

Read about it here
Download it here

Max has also created:
A node looper (I created some pretty cool fractals using it)
A drag & drop solution to automatically install plugins, gizmos, python scripts, etc. without touching code!

Like a lot of people, I started my compositing career using After Effects. After transitioning to Nuke, the one thing I missed was how much variety the Fractal Noise effect offered. Thankfully, there is now a solution!

Matt's CelluarNoise plugin offers a handful of other types of procedurally-generated noise patterns, the most notable being Voronoi & Cellular.

Also from Matt:
Water simulations in Nuke
Screen-space reflections
Voxel Volumes (e.g. creating volumetric clouds and the like)

Mads Hagbarth Lund (mentioned above) & Xavier Martin, have both been working on BlinkScripts to create Point Renderers in Nuke. They've both been creating some incredible images with hundreds-of-millions of "particles", which is currently unthinkable with Nuke's built-in particle systems.

Check out what they've been creating here and here.

Unfortunately, there are currently no downloads available. I'll be sure to update you when there's something to play with!


Don't let the sharing stop here!

If you've built, use or know of any Nuke tools like the ones above, please reply to this email and let me know about their existence! I'd love some community contributions to be a part of this newsletter -- sharing knowledge helps us all be better together!

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