Ben's Comp Newsletter: Issue 003


Here is your bi-weekly, bite-sized round-up of cool things to help you do more in Nuke!

Sometimes you might receive a plate to stabilize with heavy motion blur that needs smoothing out, or a CG render where one or two frames are broken. Richard Frazer made this handy gizmo to easily solve this issue!

This gizmo uses OFlow to interpolate between two correct frames, and creates a brand new frame to replace your errant one. For a more detailed run-down, you can read more about how the gizmo works here.

I wrote an article for Issue 002 of this newsletter about techniques to comp more efficiently, one of those being "Don't have multiple copies of the same read node in your Nuke script".
Falk Hofmann has created a Python script to make instancing these nodes super simple and easy to work with!

Download it on Nukepedia!

KeenTools has just released an update to their GeoTracker node, with some huge improvements and new features. You can watch a demo video here or download a trial version to play with for 15 days.

Having the ability to track things in Nuke opens up a world of possibility for things like beauty work, complex monitor comps, object replacement, and so many other things! Definitely worth diving in and taking a look at this plugin.

A user named derpfakes on YouTube caught my attention with this video, comparing ILM's digital face replacement in Rogue One with his own result using an app called FakeApp. He claims his result was "completed in the time it takes to watch an episode of the Simpsons". Super impressive!

If you would like to play around with FakeApp, you can download it here and find install / troubleshooting instructions on Reddit. It's a little involved, but produces some pretty reasonable results with very minimal effort! I would love to see any examples of your creations if you have any success using the tool.

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