“I am a digital compositor from Madrid, Spain, who has been living in different countries and working in different studios in the recent years, and who is really passionate about the technology of VFX and the technical part of image manipulation and learning something new every day. I’m fascinated by the world of compositing and although I’m an artist I keep getting attracted to programming. I am currently working as a freelance senior compositor in Trixter (Munich).”

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“Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by photography, film and the magic of combining and manipulating images. Having decided early to live my passion and what I love, I studied a media degree at the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, Germany and did a study abroad at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand where I gained a broad knowledge about media production.

In 2012 I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Design. I worked as a Nuke and Flame Compositor for 5 years and then switched to the technical side. Currently, I am employed as Pipeline TD at Pixomondo where I concentrate on the 2d pipeline.

In my spare time, I created my own software brand Cragl VFX Tools where I develop commercial and free plugins for Nuke. I have taught several Pluralsight courses and have written multiple technical papers about Python programming.”


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“I didn’t know the name at the time, but I always was a bit of a nerdy kid. I was into cartoons, video games, and fantastic worlds. I learned to use a computer and started playing with some graphics software before I learned to ride a bike. When I was 10, I wanted to become a “video game maker”, but didn’t quite know what it was. Grown-ups told me I could choose to learn programming or CG, so I started playing with both a little. Not knowing English at the time made it a bit trickier to pursue programming, so I went the CG route instead.

I started professionally as a compositor in 2008. Little by little I started including programming into my work day, and it now overtook the amount of compositing I do. I have been working for SPINVFX since late 2016, first as a lead compositor, then head of comp, and now head of 2D.”

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“I am Falk Hofmann and a compositor for roughly a decade. Since a couple of years also TD and recently I joined RISE FX | Berlin as Compositing-Supervisor. Besides that, I like to play around with my Raspberry Pies, occasionally writing Android apps and be outside in the garden. A personal aim is to bring these three together and enjoy them all at once.”

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Originally from Clatskanie, Oregon, Miles Lauridsen is a VFX artist now living in Vancouver, BC. Currently a Compositing Supervisor at Scanline VFX, he’s worked in various roles including dustbuster, matchmover, 3d generalist, title animator, and compositor within feature film over the last 13 years. He enjoys the problem solving process that VFX entails in the service of helping filmmakers tell their stories.

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Note: The following answers have not been edited beyond a spell check, to preserve the integrity of Mads’ responses.

My name is Mads Hagbarth Damsbo. I am a compositor, vfx technical director, pipeline technical director, occasionally supervisor at Nordisk Film – Shortcut (Copenhagen, Denmark). Now also a sparetime iOS app developer and with the release of the PointRender a Nuke developer as well. All along with my daily life as a husband and father of 2 wonderful boys.

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João is one of those rare people who is the trio of super talented, humble & incredibly inspiring all at the same time. His long and diverse career in VFX spans a variety of Commercials, TV and Film projects, and has taken him from his home country in Brazil, all the way to Canada, where he now works at Framestore Montréal.

I had the pleasure of working with João at Image Engine, where he shared some valuable lessons, and helped me along my never-ending journey towards becoming a better artist. He was gracious enough to share this insightful interview with me, which I’m excited to share with you!

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Mark Joey Tang, known as “MJ”, started working in visual effects in Hong Kong, circa 2003. Throughout his career, he has worked with a handful of different studios from RodeoFX to Atomic Fiction (now Method Studios), and is currently a Senior Compositor at ScanlineVFX in Montreal. I reached out to MJ after discovering his unique tools on his Facebook page (which you can find below), and asked about his career in VFX, including how he got into programming & creating tools for Nuke.

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